Thursday, September 3, 2015

Awareness on Bereavement and Grief

Building Healthy Relationships:

Hello, my name is Anita Sandoval, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor from the Rio Grande Valley.
My job is to help people come up with techniques, skills, strategies, to implement and move forward to a healthier environment.
Such tools given within counseling will help the person, if implemented effectively will help them become resilient through adversity and find their own meaning of happiness.
It is up to the person to be responsible and do what is necessary to create their own happiness which includes healthy relationships and environment, and I am ready to help them do so.

Today’s Topic


            As a person who also struggles with the reality of death and the unknown of what happens after we die, I find it important to have a certain appreciation of gratitude with life every morning, even if it is for a minute, when I wake up.
            Last week I had a dream, the day before school started for my children, that I had days to live and I had to say my good-byes to my family. I remember thinking of my little girls, knowing that they would grow up without me and then realizing on how I grew up without my father due to a tragic car accident a day before my 2nd birthday. I remember waking up with feelings of such appreciation and gratitude that everything was really just a nightmare attributed to my tiredness of getting everything ready for the kids school.  A week later I read on the social media that a friend of a friend had died of cancer leaving two small daughters around the same age as my little girls.
            Life comes with many transitions for people, and how they cope through such adversities will help them find their true meaning of happiness. The reason why I chose this topic is because even though, people may find it difficult to discuss, the one guarantee in life is that at one point in time we will be in a situation where there will be an adversity of death. Through different skills, can a person be able to move forward in life and yes, even through such hardships can still build healthy relationships and find their happiness.

(Grief) (Bereavement)

This is the stage where people mourn a loss of someone or something.
Many people cope differently when it comes to bereavement.

The main stages of Bereavement are: 

Denial-This is where people just don't want to accept what has just happened or pretend nothing happened.

Anger- Emotions can be exhibited in many forms internal or external emotions of anger is still normal as long as it is done effectively.

Bargaining- People think that if they do something everything can get better or go away and not experience a loss. 

Depression: Sadness and depression are different and if you would like to know whether you are depressed or sad. The following link can help you 

Depression quiz:

Acceptance: People start learning on how to cope with the new adjustment of loss in life.

An article on more information can be found on the website below:

People can go through the stage in different order at any time and there really is no period of how long a person can be within their grieving process.

Taking a look at the behaviors on how a person whether yourself or a loved one is doing can help on whether their manner of coping through such loss is effective.

Effective coping skills and problem solving skills is needed within this time and there is not a manner of coping effectively counseling is required to gain such skills.
Some effective coping mechanisms can be to talk to someone you love and express your emotions over the matter.
Having your positive support system near you for when you need them is very crucial to the process of grief.

The definition of gratitude is:
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

The main goal of life in order to become resilient and happy is to look at the things positively.

Finding things of gratitude and appreciation can help a person cope through tough times especially those involving death.

Studies have shown that positive emotions have helped people overcome bereavement process more effectively. More information can be read through the article below.

Remember that you are a product of your environment. Finding that positive support system will help you build through that grieving process.It has been proven time and time again that where you are and who you associate with will have great influence towards to who you will become and are.

Thank you for joining me and next time I will discuss other key matters such as parenting, substance abuse, grief, ADD, Depression and many more that can help with the wellness dimensions.

Also, it would be great to hear from you! I know with the fast track of working, kids, and society it is difficult to attend counseling and maybe you just have a question or a thought and want to know if you are needing counseling or just some strategies to help you move forward for now.  So if you have any questions on any topic you would like to discuss or comment on a problem you are having please feel free to

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