Thursday, January 14, 2016

7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success

7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success

Everyone has their own definition of what their meaning of personal success. The good thing is that with these 7 decisions, it can apply to whatever that meaning is.
         If you read my previous blog posts you might have read on how I am intending to implement my New Years Resolutions more and one of them is to read more. Therefore, I assigned myself to read at least on book a month.
         January was the month of self-growth and personal success. I read the book “The Traveler’s Gift” By: Andy Andrews. It was such a short and fabulous read. I read it in one day. So I might just pick up another book for the rest of this month.
         Overall, I felt that the storyline was amazing in describing the hard life issues of the common man. Also, are ways on how to get yourself out of it and live life to it’s fullest. I am happy to share with you these main concepts and hope it brings you much success.

1.   “The buck stops here. I am responsible for my past and my future.
I saw this as a way to tell yourself that only you have the potential to change and no matter the circumstances it is always possible to overcome them only if you start by being responsible. 

2.   “I will seek wisdom. I will be a servant to others.”
As stated in the book “ as I humbly serve others, their wisdom will be freely shared with me. And seek wisdom with people who increase your belief in yourself and your future only!

3.   “ I am a person of action. I seize this moment. I choose now”.
Create healthy habits and be consistent with it. That is important!

4.   “I have a decided heart. My destiny is assured”
If you believe in your heart to be true, then it doesn’t matter is you are alone. Stand up to what you believe in and everything else will follow.

5.   Today I will choose to be happy. I am the possessor of a grateful spirit.
An ungrateful person may see things as obstacles and complain while a grateful person can see the possibilities. Everything is your choice and your choice to live life happy or unhappy depending on how you choose to see it. 
6.   I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit. I will forgive myself.
I loved on how in the book it stated the fact on how there has yet to be a book not even in the bible does it say that in order to forgive someone they have to ask for it! So forgiveness begins with you and other’s more than likely don’t even know that they did you wrong or cant conceive of the notion. So do yourself a favor and forgive to release that negative energy. 
7.   I will persist without exception. I am a person of great faith.
Problems will always be around and when you begin to see them as life lessons and persist to find solutions will gain the wisdom to have a better tomorrow!

I keep reflecting over these fundamental decisions and realize that it will be a part of my New Years Resolution Solution to become a better person whole-heartedly. The one that I will need to work more on is on number 3.

Which one do you feel is your favorite and which one you feel you can begin implementing. Let me know and leave a comment below.


Monday, January 11, 2016

3 Main Reasons On How The Power Of Gratitude Can Help You

        3 Main Reasons On How The Power Of Gratitude Can Help You

     With the New Years under way I realized that I need to discuss the reasons on why I have an new found perspective within my life. I have come across already within these two weeks with several people who have lost someone important in their life with death. It always amazes me on how mortal we humans are and on how grateful I am to be alive every day, not for me only, but for my loved ones and children.
     That is when I wondered on how "Being Grateful" can actually help someone throughout their day. I researched different articles and realized that yes the feeling of Gratefulness can actually help you in various ways.

According to: Forbes 

  1. Gratitude Improves Your Mental Health- There has been studies that show that being grateful reduces Toxic emotions such as envy, regret, resentment, and frustration. Think about it, do you want to live with these negative emotions. 
  2.  Gratitude increases mental strength. For years, research has shown gratitude not only reduces stress, but it may also play a major role in overcoming trauma. Let's face it, Life Is Tough and one of the ways that will help us live life better is to learn on how to overcome our obstacles positively. 
  3. Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression. Grateful people are more likely to behave in a prosocial manner, even when others behave less kind, according to a 2012 study by the University of Kentucky. Doesn't it sound better that it is the other person and not you that is always loosing it's cool, and not getting upset all the time. 

I have personally in the past years attempted to regularly a Gratitude Journal and write down daily or at least as frequent as I can the things that I am most grateful for. For example: My health, children, husband, friends. We never know what tomorrow will bring so therefore, I am so Grateful for what I have today.

What things are you grateful for? Have you tried any strategies of Gratitude and how has it worked for you.



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Friday, January 8, 2016

Feeling Stuck? What To Do About It!

Hi, my name is Anita Sandoval MA, LPC-S and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor.

My belief is to help those with less privileged and unhealthy backgrounds, remove some obstacles for them so that, then, they too will have an opportunity to be more productive and lift themselves up to achieve their greatest potential and live life successfully. 

Today's Topic is about Feeling Stuck and What you can do about it?

There has been times that I feel that no matter what I do, I just don't feel like I am moving forward. Feeling Stuck is where a person feels that no matter what they do or have a goal in mind and just don't know what to do to get that goal. Yesterday, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts and was listening to an interview with a CEO in a very established business, and I recall him stating on how in order to accomplish goals, you don't do the goal you be the goals. Basically you become the goals. 

With the New Years here and Resolutions in place, I have to remember the goals I have in place this year and reflect back the goals I have had in the previous years. As with most people, I begin with great motivation and then after several weeks it starts to wind down. That is where I noticed that the goals I wanted this year are the same as the years before. 

That is where I began feeling stuck. I would tell myself, "Enough!" "You will! Make a Change this year!" Therefore, I began to tell myself I have to become my goals. Then I began to brainstorm and tell myself ok, I am stuck because I keep falling back into the same unproductive routine and need to create new habits that encompass my goals. "But How?" Feelings of frustration, uncertainty, and nervousness are what I feel when I am stuck" 

Then while watching Elmo in Grouchland with my toddler, I began to listen to a specific song that was playing and it just clicked. Who knew Sesame Street could actually have concepts that would help an individual.

Anyways, while watching the movie with my little one I was listening to the words of the song which happened to be that Elmo was was discouraged that he had to find his blanket and felt like it was such a long way and was not positive. Alongside was a bush and stated that he was stuck on the ground while Elmo had two good feet and could move forward. The song had words along the line of if you feel stuck be glad you don't have your feet stuck on the ground and look up in the sky and take your first step and kiss those fears goodbye.  

I really liked that with the New Years in order to make a difference this year than the last I needed to make the first step of difference, a change and keep at it step by step and before you know it I will make it to the end of the goal. I guess that is why I enjoy running and doing runs. I always say slow and steady wins the race and with each step forward takes me closer to the finish line.  

So, with anything in life, whether, it is a diet, better at a hobby, or just be a better person. The difference is to take the steps to move forward and the more you do the more you get. 

Have you ever felt stuck with something you have done? 
What has worked for you to get out of that rut?


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Monday, January 4, 2016

3 things to do to get the New Years on the Right Path

Hi, it's  Anita Sandoval MA, LPC-S again and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

My belief is to help those with less privileged and unhealthy backgrounds, remove some obstacles for them so that, then, they too will have an opportunity to be more productive and lift themselves up to achieve their greatest potential and live life successfully. 

Today's Topic is 3 things you can do to get on the right path this year of 2016. 
  • Have you ever felt as if you are wanting to start the year right but then something happens and you're back where you started the year before. 
  • Are you finally tired of repeating the same unhealthy things over and over and want to put an end to that and start something new that is healthy and possibility of success. 
I like everybody else have felt like I am moving at snail speed and wish to move a little faster to get to the goals I aim to accomplish. After much reading and trial and error I realized that the way to move faster is to do at least these several things:
  1. Find a way to stay focused on your goals and set timelines for each one. Like people say it doesn't matter if you don't meet all of the goals in the set time frame as long as you are headed in the rights direction.
  2. Develop a positive support system with people who will be supportive of not only your successes but also your failures. It's like I always say, when the going gets tough, the people who care and are there for you are the ones who not only do NOT pass judgment but will let you be yourself and still be positive about who you are and what you want to do. 
  3. Realize that through success also comes some failures. Every successful person has had some bumps in the road. "It's ok to fail" again "It's ok to fail" What is not ok is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. If you really want to be successful in making your New Year's Resolutions into reality, just keep trying and learn from those failures, dust them off as life lessons and go back at it again.
I know it is easier said than done! I know some of my resolutions deal with weight management and getting my book of "Broken Chains" "Cadenas Rotas" across the USA. But in order to do that I myself have to follow at least these 3 steps. Let's make this 2016 the best memorable year ever!

What are your New Years Resolutions? What have you tried in the years back that has worked or not worked out for you?


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