Thursday, February 25, 2016

What To Do When You Are Having An Off Day!!

      Has it ever happened that you wake up in the morning and you feel like everything is going ok but then it happens; everything just isn't aligned.
      I woke up to a flat tire, of course on a day that I had a million and one things to do. I had to move around appointments and call people to try to set a schedule that would work. Then abruptly as if on cue something comes up and more things I need to handle! I guess the feeling I have is "OVERWHELMED!" Right away my brain goes back to its older habits of wanting to cry and eat sugary fatty foods to make me feel good, then I tell myself, NO! that isn't going to lead anywhere but just a messy make up, unnecessary excess weight and puffy eyes. So then the question was,

What To Do When I am Having An Off Day?

  • Write Down a List of Problems on one Side of a Piece of Paper
  • Write Down possible Solutions to those problems
  • Make a priority list of what is most important to least important
  • Find someone who is a positive support system to talk to and vent all your frustrations and feelings to begin gathering more positive thoughts and strategies.  
  • Tell yourself some positive things you can learn from all the problems and make a list of the positive things that are presently happening and are grateful for.

So, I did just that:
  • I wrote down my list of present problems and the possible solutions to each one. 
Results: I realized that the problems which will always happen from time to time wasn't all that bad and that there were solutions to them that I could do. I felt hopeful!
  • I made a priority list of what was most important to least
Result: I became aware that I didn't have to do everything that very moment and after making some phone calls I got to create set dates and times for solutions on each one. I felt goal oriented and achieved at what I had done.

  • I found someone who was a positive support system, one who would not criticize but basically just hear me out on my feelings and offered a shoulder to vent on then gave me some positive words of encouragement.
Results:  I felt that the possibilities to overcome the obstacles was positive and grateful to have such an awesome support system.
  • I told myself some positive things of what I learned with the overwhelming problems that came my way that day and things that I was grateful for.
Results: I am glad to be alive and breathing the fresh spring air and know that no matter the circumstance " This too Shall Pass" and I have learned from my problems so now I developed more strength and courage and wisdom all of which I am grateful for.

Life is Hard for everyone no matter what, but I guess using these strategies when life hits you a curveball, well it just makes it easier for me to hit that ball out for a homerun.

What other strategies have you used to help on OFF DAYS!! I would love to hear from you on what
 works for you!

Anita Sandoval MA, LPC-S


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