Wednesday, May 18, 2016

When People Just Don't Get What You Want

When People Just Don’t Get What You Want

I have realized whenever I hear the conflicts, and problems that come in my office on a day-to-day basis. That most of the issues stem from misguided perception from different points of views. I keep hearing people say “Tell Me I am RIGHT!, or” Tell Me that They are Wrong!.”  The question really lies in, is there really a right or wrong whenever there is belief on how you think things should be.

·      I ask myself ok Well What then defines right or wrong?
·      Who defines right or wrong?
·      What if there is finally an agreement on who is right and wrong, then what… is the problem solved then, where everyone leaves happy!

All I can say is that each one has their own set of values, and within those values they have them in a specific order.

The definition of wrong is “not correct or true.” So then can you prove beliefs, and opinions to be true. As a far as I remember an opinion is something you cannot prove and a fact is something you can prove to be right or wrong.

So an awesome strategy that I use to help with those disagreements on opinions and beliefs is finding as much facts that can be proven true or false.

I recently finished reading “The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho” There was a parable in there from which I found very interesting.

There were seven mice and each one had a different part of the elephant. The mouse that had the trunk said that it was a snake. The mouse that had the midsection said it was a big wall. And etc.

The moral of the story: For me again in my opinion not a fact that each person’s opinion is different and opinions don’t really have a wrong or right. It’s just an opinion a belief. 

Anita Sandoval LPC-S

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