Thursday, November 2, 2017

Values-What’s their purpose?

The question I hear at times from people is “What is it I am supposed to do?” I have realized that answering that question does not lie in me but within them. I also have experienced that the correct answer usually is found in the root of their personal values.

Values, defining what values mean to me is basically what you believe in. What gives meaning to your daily life. You don’t believe me. When was the last time you really got upset? Or When was the last time you were having the best day ever and were the happiest? All of that coincides within your values.

When people are them most unhappiest is when what you believe in and what you do (your actions) are not in unison. My personal goal is to help people figure out their personal values and live their life within them. I have decided to try to develop a “How To” Plan to get a person to figure out their values and find their happiness and purpose within them.

For now though I will leave you with a website that has some tools to help you figure out your values and I will make a list of questions to ask yourself for those who want the quick cheat sheet on the website.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Describe what was happening when you were the happiest
  • Explain to yourself what happened when you were the most upset. 
  • Write down your “Should’s” example: They should have been on time, they should have not said that. (Tip: Out of every should hides a value)
  • Write down a list of values and compare them with the things that have happened good or bad in your life.
  • Some examples of values are : Respect, responsibility, integrity, excellence, family, religion, servitude, empathy. There are many more online. Google values and then compare with the things in your life. 

If you need any help with figuring out values you may have then comment below and I can respond with a personal value that you may have.