Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How Do you Know When Your Relationship Has Become Toxic!

How Do you Know When Your Relationship Has Become Toxic!

I have been guilty of being in a relationship that at times I would tell myself “What did I get my self into!” Then I have also seen people and their relationships that have been toxic and yet they remain together. All for the sake of “LOVE.”
            So I ask myself? What are the main reasons for a person remaining in a toxic relationship? And do people even Realize that they are in a Toxic Relationship! First of course is what are the main reasons, well from mine, and from what other’s have told me on why they stay in a Toxic Relationship.

·      Because I love him/her
·      For the kids
·      Because I don’t know how I can do it by myself
·      Because I can help them be better
·      Because they said they will change
·      It was only that one time and it wasn’t their fault
·      Because he/she loves me
·      Our relationship is fine it is not TOXIC

Of course there could be many more, however these are just some of the main reasons on why some people remain in  a TOXIC environment.  Know let me give you some how I would like to call it SYMPTOMS/SIGNS of a TOXIC relationship.

·      When someone does not respect your opinions no matter how crazy it may be, they are still your own opinions.
·      When the person you love, puts you down, humiliates you, embarrasses you, yells at you, treats you emotionally in a negative manner.
·      When your partner invades your physical space by pushing you, slapping you, or just being next to you when you want to be alone.
·      When the person you love wants to have you do things that you don’t want to do. And want to either emotionally guilt you, manipulate you with whatever means to do what others want to do and not respect your own wishes  of what you want.
·      When its constantly either my way or your way and not compromise or find resolutions to where both can come to a mutual agreement.

Everyone deserves to be in a relationship where there is respect, love and you do too.

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