Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Importance of Trust in any Relationship!

The Importance of Trust in any Relationship!

I have been reading my book of the month and I have been so excited to learn new things in this book that I decided to share with you my thoughts so far with this book and once I finish I will give you some more afterthoughts about the book.

The book I am presently reading is called “TRUST WORKS” by Ken Blanchard.  From the point of view of a Licensed Professional Counselor I began reading the strategies and began to see on how the strategies given in the book can actually help my patients and people within my environment create healthier relationships.

I asked myself What is Trust?

noun: trust

1.firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. "relations have to be built on trust"

What are the fundamentals of a healthy relationship
1.     Love
2.     Trust
3.     Communication

Then looking further, how can someone communicate with another person without trust. What would happen to the love of someone without the foundation of trust.

So far the strategies I was able to gain is the following:
·      A-Able- Do positive behaviors that will help the person whom you want to gain the trust with.
·      B-Believable- Do positive behaviors that is believed to be by the person who needs to gain your trust. Each person’s mind is their own world, therefore just because you do something positive does not mean that the other person will see that positive deed as something good to gain trust.
·      C-Connectedness- Try to understand the person’s point of view and where they come from. You don’t have to agree with their point of view. Just understand who they are with what they believe in. If you understand their belief’s they will begin to connect with you and gain some trust.
·      D-Dependability- This is where when the going gets tough, you are there to help the other person. You are physically, emotionally, spiritually there for the person to where they can depend on you to help them in a positive manner.

The final ingredient to bring everything together is patience. Nothing great was created in one day. Keep doing those 4 strategies and you will be able to have an awesome healthy relationship just by being consistent with your behaviors.

Have you tried any other strategies to help you gain the trust of someone to create a better relationship? How did it work out?
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